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EMS policy

The company Veblo a.s. establishes this policy and is an expression of the attitude of the management and all employees of the company towards the environment and health protection at work. The protection and creation of the environment, the creation of safe and healthy working conditions for its employees and their continuous improvement, including the prevention of pollution and the occurrence of accidents, the minimization of the occurrence of occupational accidents are among the highest priorities of the company. To fulfill them, the company adopts the following principles:


Compliance with environmental regulations, health and safety regulations and PO and other requirements

Fulfill the requirements of legal regulations for the protection of the environment, human health, local ordinances, internal regulations and customer requirements.


Minimizing the impact on the environment during your activity

Reduce or replace hazardous substances with more environmentally friendly substances wherever possible. Reduce the amount of hazardous and other waste.


Risk minimization

Consistently prevent the occurrence of unacceptable risks and reduce the influence of permissible risks in the field of health and safety. Ensuring compliance with the requirements of legal regulations and other requirements applicable to the environment and health and safety at work with an emphasis on a preventive approach to this issue.


Optimization and reduction of water and energy consumption

Constantly look for ways to reduce the consumption of water and energy, input raw materials and materials.


Emergency preparedness

Prevent the occurrence of emergency situations and, if they do occur, proceed in accordance with the Emergency Plan and Fire Alarm Guidelines ensuring the minimization of environmental impacts and health protection at work. Regularly train workers and check their ability to respond correctly to emergency situations.


Assessment of future environmental impacts and risks

Assess environmental impacts and risks before using new technologies and materials. Prioritize processes with minimal impact on the environment and minimal occupational risks. Veblo a.s. | Pod Pekařka 107/1 | 140 00 | Prague 4 | IČO: 04189825 |TIN: CZ04189825| registered in the commercial register kept in Prague, TEL: 704 974 047| email:|


Employee training and motivation

Permanently develop the environmental awareness of all employees so that during their activities they prevent or limit their negative impact on the environment. In the field of health and safety, regularly inform workers about risks and measures to minimize them.


Service providers Dating

employees of supplier companies with policies and procedures and require their application and review their environmental behavior. Familiarize workers with risks.

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